Full-Service Concierge, Promotions & Events Mgmt for Partner Dancers
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First things, first…. Let’s get the burning question out of the way and satisfy at least one curiosity…

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What’s a cabeceo?

Ever had a silent conversation with a cat?
They know all about cabeceo.

Check out this smooth kitty….

It's a non-verbal invitation to dance that comes from Argentine Tango culture.
Eye contact (mirada) and nods of the head (cabeceo) that maintain respect and minimize offense and injury.

It’s like walking into your regular spot (where everybody knows your name) and winking at the bartender,
who brings over your favorite drink with a big smile.


To answer repeat questions at milongas (tango parties, like La Nacional) and help people maximize their New York stay by NOT spending it all surfing the Internet, I started a full-service concierge program for social dancers on the consumer side.

In a nutshell, I put together custom itineraries for your desired dance experience, and like any good admin, when I find a useful product/service, bring it to your attention.  If I have an arrangement with the provider, you get a perk when I “cabeceo” my network.

How did I get wise in the ways of the desert and develop this network?

By becoming a valuable business asset on the supply side to event organizers, teachers and studios in multiple roles:

  • door: La Nacional, Ensueño Tango Salon, Karina Romero Tango, Milonga Cachafaz, Westie Cafe, Pepsqually VO, Melting Pot & Motley Hue

  • social event setup & refreshments: All Night Milonga, Motley Hue & Babble X

  • admin support: the Galletto Dance company (Jacob's Pillow Festival), Dance/NYC (pre- & post-event) & Tango Dos (productivity strategist)

  • webmaster for New York Queer Tango (developer/online box office) & Silvana Brizuela-Weigel (maintenance)

  • retail: Dardo Galletto Studios (front desk), La Mina Tango Boutique (support staff) & Salamanca Shoes (inventory rep)

Before entering this kaleidoscope world of dance, I was a one-time admin assistant at the United Nations (Force Generation Service) and former convention/festival organizer for Dragon Con (Science Track), I-CON (Gaming Guests) and The Cornell University Jazz Festival (under Karlton Hester).  Put my deep and subtle administrative skills to work on your behalf!

As my contacts grow, I'll be expanding to other cities and look forward to finding new venues for my own dance group, MelangeXpress

Nre'fa-o (as cats say, "Good Dancing"!),

Cherise Tricia “Khajiit” Fung
The Ebontigress is EverywhereNYC Tango's de facto Bodega Cat


La Nacional 2018
photo credit: Ayako Hirasawa
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DJX 2015
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Gabriel Missé at La Romeria 2015
photo credit: Karina Romero

I-CON 27 2008
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NYQTW 2015
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