Full-Service Concierge, Promotions & Events Mgmt for Partner Dancers



 Virtual Assistance for Non-Technical Creatives

Websites. Youtube. Google Calendar. excel. mindbody.  Oh mindbody...

You just figured out facebook!

business is hard enough keeping up with dance training or fitness regimens,
much less all this online stuff...

Instead of the digital runaround, imagine...

  • online registration sorted out several months, weeks or days before your big shindig
  • pre-paid appointments for private lessons show up in your phone calendar
  • no more no shows! everybody's here! -- automated student reminders
  • new video clips/photos? they're off your plate-- the game plan's squared away for getting them on your website

Let me talk to the machines for you!


  • space held for you by an active listener
  • recorded videos with transcribed & timestamped notes
  • outlined game plans for next steps
  • gentle reminders, support and accountability
  • plus, options for grab and go Informed-Sport certified nutrition


  • screensharing!
  • a chance to say why you're here (no judgment, minimal interruptions)
  • enough time to talk through the problem you need solved
  • replay critical discussion points as often as you like
  • clarity on how I can help you and if we're a good fit
  • consistent and strategic one step-at-a-time process
  • a healthy way to fuel your body-- even when you're running around all over

why me?

I spent years honing my partner dance disciplines by taking private lessons, traveling to festivals, plus staffing social parties AND a tango studio.

Curiosity made me pay close attention to the nuts and bolts of how those businesses were built.  Introversion and a desire to help those who inhabit their bodies full time drove me to bring my laptop.... everywhere.

My affinity lies with movement practitioners, musicians, geeky entertainment (gaming/sci-fi conventions) and creatives.  Oooh, can't forget to give cheek rubs to all the cat people!  Current focus has been on supporting social dance scenes and social dance providers.  However, I am open to collaborating in new industries, like pilates.  I've wanted to add pilates to my mythic tango practice for a while now....

Go ahead, check out what I've made for other people just like you.
All of the following portfolio samples were created with images, videos and text supplied by the client.


Uber ad campaign


mock up of bookings page for private lessons


festival website + online box office and customer support.