Full-Service Concierge, Promotions & Events Mgmt for Partner Dancers
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Promotions & Events Management

Could you use a hand?
Tell me more about...

#1 Need help with an event, milonga or production?

Book Coat Check Services by Date

#2 Need help with productivity, appointment setting or a website?

#3 I could use a hand too. Let's team up!

Grumpy Cat might like working alone, but not me....

Grumpy Cat might like working alone, but not me....


Put your skills, talents and know-how to work on some side hustle!

I'm always on the lookout to partner with competent folk
who take pride in what they do.

#3a .... I'm hunting for ...

graphic designers, travel agents, interpreters, promoters, hostesses, bartenders, caterers, craft brewers, coat checkers, emcees, dancers, DJs, videographers, photographers, stylists, make up artists, massage therapists, beauticians, sales people, sculptors, SFX artists, dog walkers, cat sitters...

#3b Are you in? Then let's shake on it. Click here!

I make no judgments about what you can do--
as long as you can name and own it.... with class and style.  

Got mad skillz?

  • can you take an event/experience to ELEVEN?

  • do you bliss out attendees and/or guest artists?

#4 MelangeXpress `` Got an off-beat concept/idea you want brought to life?


Tango + Geeks + Internet = Unlimited Imagination-- Let the Spice Flow

Partner dance troupe that transmutes pop culture and nuevo tango/fusion+ into fandom's favorite ships.  Designer molds Muse's eclectic music choices into unique choreographies-- despite distance and in ridiculously short order. 

Come fire walk with us-- indulge in our alchemical delights!
Good Chemistry is a Terrible Thing to Waste.