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Bottling custom mocktails & cocktails for gifts, special occasions and parties (dance or play)

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*New* Blue Butterfly (EARTHY)

*New* Blue Butterfly (EARTHY)

from 10.00

Keep refrigerated.

Finally got to experiment with my sister and decided that my virgin standard will highlight the mellow, earthy notes by brewing this with fresh mint.

Carbonation not recommended.
(turns a ghoulish shade of gray)

List your choice of fruit, herb, sweetener/sugar-free, dairy-free milk and/or brand of spirits in checkout. Add $10 to customize (anything that's not "virgin").

  • Sweeteners: stevia.

  • Fruits: passion fruit, lime or lemon (blue to purple; it’s quite a trippy show!).

  • Herbs: lemongrass, cinnamon, or ginger.
    Perhaps, bergamot? (Earl Gray tea). Will perform further experiments….

  • Sugar-free (diabetic-friendly): monk fruit.

  • Spirits: Botanist gin. Want a different brand? Tell me.

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