Full-Service Concierge, Promotions & Events Mgmt for Partner Dancers
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NYC's Dance Scenes--  Insider Access Without the Hassle
Concierge Service for Social Dancers


How do I make finding partner dancing in NYC effortless?

  • advise which types of dancing are available when you’re in town

  • book classes/workshops, party admissions, shopping trips or studios for private lessons

  • timely text alerts for each event on your itinerary

Prefer to keep things simple?

Subscribe to my social dance club and get access to my exclusive at-the-door discounts and perks, plus updates on dance festivals, exchanges, shows, workshops and more-- early bird discounts, crash space matchmaking, house parties....

RSVP and get timely text alerts.  It's easy to remember what you're doing with whom, where to go and when to get there. Plus notes about any potential pitfalls I find out to keep you gliding effortlessly on your feet.

14-day free trial.


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