Full-Service Concierge, Promotions & Events Mgmt for Partner Dancers

Take the City By Storm with Custom Road Maps and More

               We built this city... on rock & roll

               We built this city... on rock & roll

Want *the* road map to dance your tail off in nyc?

I Can book it--
you just come!

Bring your rock, I'll make sure you roll.


    do any of these happen to you?

    • Visiting for a limited time
    • Choke on too many possibilities to digest
    • Drown in all the wrong event info online
    • Wonder am I really getting the best bang for my buck?
    • Want a "Local Private Eye" for the Out of Town Guy?

    #Welcome to wakanda... and the writing on the wall
    No, You Never Felt Like This Before.  Yes I Swear, It's the Truth... and We Owe It All To Us

    Show up when and where you’re supposed to be.  That's it.  It's all connected, reserved & laid out--

    1. who you're doing it with --> your friends, loved ones and the best NYC has to offer
    2. what you're doing --> having the time of your life, in as many flavors as you desire
    3. when & where is already covered --> safely stored on your phone
    4. clarity on why you're shelling out precious time, money and effort to do all this %#^!
    5. how you're going to refuel & lovin' how you look --> healthy grab and go nutrition + top tier restaurants + posh boutiques
    6. how much you can get away with --> maxxed out deals & discounts, not maxxed out on overwhelm

    Own your piece of the floor -- focus on **what you came for** DANCING… not logistics!

    take your left foot--
    --Put your right foot

         AND Shake it about

     squeeze the most juice out of your way-too-short trip

    ~ ^..^~

    All you need are these boots.

    Stay furry, friends.

    Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down

    • Work! Work! Work, Señora! Work it all the time.  The only senorita working here will be me.  For you and yours.
    • Speak, Friend, and Enter.  Get on the Guest List.  Under certain conditions.
    • Nice is different than good.  Introductions to all the right dance folk. No need to unlearn bad habits.
    • Woke up in New York City in a funky cheap hotel?  Cheap? Yes with 10-30% off rooms.  Funky? Empty Night, NO!
    • Punch it, Chewie!  Greenlight it with greenbacks, I'll book it ALL for you-- studio rentals, special events, restaurants, etc.

    this is why your toes'll tapping love it

    • Livin' La Vida Loca, dancing naked in the rain?  Nope!  Say "sayonara" to buyer's remorse. 
    • Written on these pages is the answer to a never ending story. Waiting on Facebook group approvals is for the clouds.
    • All day long you'll biddy biddy bum.  Feel like a wealthy woman flashing cash at specialty boutiques and swanky parties.
    • Dey got a HOT crustacean band.  Feel the heat, but coquito and chill.  All the world's an oyster from your corner table.
    • Matchmaker! Matchmaker! Look thru your book and make me a perfect match. Woodshed signature sequences with You-Know-Who. Get all the time you need in the privacy of individual lessons.
    • You?!?  Wish to go to the Festival? And dance before the (Artist Formerly Known As) Prince?!? Waltz into places you don't know you didn't know about. Stick a purple fork in those Youtube highlights, they are DONE.

    So what makes me a khaleesi worthy of your quality time?

    • She Who Holds Space -- Active listener who folds data around *your* needs, schedule and preferences.
    • Follower of Many Dance Communities -- Means multiple opportunities to experiment.
    • Organization Magus of the Great Google Sea -- Get web apps, boxes, and folders for that.
    • Breaker of Online Overwhelm. Dances between the data raindrops.
    • Mother of Moments -- Fiercely passionate about top shelf experiences.
    • Cylon Sleeper** Agent* -- Plugged into user-friendly and responsive tech.  Red pilling it all the way.

    *Shh, don't tell my boyfri-- actually, he might like that...  ;

    ---Natural-Born Social Dance Support Entrepreneur---

    • Wise in the ways of the desert. "She's everywhere!" -- Personal connections to studios, teachers and event organizers.

      I know them intimately.  My fingers are or have been on the pulse of their businesses & milongas while working:
      • the front desk at Dardo Galletto Studios
      • as support staff for La Mina Tango Boutique
      • refreshments for All Night MilongaMotley Hue & Babble X
      • as pre- and post- event office support for Dance/NYC
      • as an inventory rep for custom made Salamanca Shoes
      • as off-site festival admin support for Galletto Dance company
      • as website maintenance for Silvana Brizuela-Weigel
      • as the web developer/online box office manager for New York Queer Tango
      • the door at La Nacional, Ensueño Tango SalonKarina Romero Tango, Westie CafeMelting Pot & Motley Hue

    LET'S GO TO WAKANDA -- Book your tickets below!

    I really did appreciate the text reminders since navigating NYC is a total mystery to me, as well as keeping track of which address was for when, the changing venues would have been a challenge without your help. I got to all the right places on time!
    — -Melinda A., Arlington, MA

    don't be like bucky & cap.


    Trust me.  click on that train Fare up there.   Yup.  can do this all day....


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