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What to Expect: Road Maps


What to Expect: Road Maps

Excited to purrsonally welcome you to dancing in the Big Apple! 
See below for the step by step outline of what comes next.


STEP ONE: First Draft

During our zoom call, I'll ask questions about your dance experiences and desires while we fill out the preferences survey.  This exercise is to get you thinking about how you REALLY want to spend your precious time in the city.

I'm going to base my recommendations off the answers you provide. The most complete information will get you the best results and a plan of action built to your specs.  We'll hash out options, details and any questions you have about my vendor partners' services.

Then give me up to 72 hours to construct your schedule.  I'll email the first draft so we can discuss it and any revisions in real time during our follow up zooms.  

It will include links for my vendor partners which match the add-on services you requested.  This is so you can see what they have available.

Please be advised, some services require an additional appointment with the vendor, and cover fees apply.  However, you'll get special rates and discounts through me.

I'll arrange those follow up appointments for you after Step Two.

But first, it'll be just you and me.


STEP TWO: Revisions

We will keep zooming and revising until you're confident and pleased with your finalized road map.  Once we've decided upon your  activities, I'll send you payment links to take care of expenses for your events.

Shopping or booking travel? You'll be paying those vendors directly for their goods and services-- the cover charges. Again, because you're booking through me, you will be eligible for any special rates.



Sorry, I couldn't resist throwing a little geek reference in there.... right, so back to...

THE REAL STEP THREE: Get Jiggy with ALL of It!

Confirmations, Text Reminders and Cover Charges.... oh my!

Reservations will be made on your behalf once payment has been received.  I will then forward those cover charge funds to the teacher, studio, etc. You'll get a separate summary email with all the confirmation numbers.

Apptoto text reminders (or emails, if you're international) containing the confirmation numbers and addresses will also be sent the day of your events. This way, you're covered with both an at-a glance pocket schedule, bite-sized digital backups and know exactly where and when you're supposed to go.

Yes, daily emails and texts before each event!  (Almost like having a Cherise in your back pocket! Make sure you empty your pockets before class starts though...)


  • Need to change your travel or hotel? Contact the travel agent and/or the hotel. Those complex transactions will be managed by their own systems.

  • Need to change your restaurant reservations, studio rental or private lessons? Contact me. Those things I'm keeping close to my heart and top of mind.



Whew! That was a LOT of words!
And we haven't even got to the jitterbugging part yet!

I'm not a blondie, but ain't ya glad you got me coordinating all of this for you? ;)



Here's the bullet point recap of what happens next.



 1. First Draft.  Turn on zoom at the designated date and time so we can talk and fill out the survey.

2. Revision Process. Review your emailed draft road map and video recording to your heart's content.  Go through any vendor partner links to get familiar with their products/services.  If you have questions and we need to make changes, I'm happy to keep doing it until we get it just so.

3. Get Jiggy with the Tangibles.  I'll crunch the data and run it through my endless list of New York resources.  You send payment for cover charges and expenses.  Then, last but not least, be on the lookout for a summary email with the confirmations-- your FINALIZED ROAD MAP!



Will Smith's official music video for 'Gettin' Jiggy Wit It'.



Bonus!  As a thank you for filling out the survey with me, you’re eligible for the secret half-off road mapper version of my monthly social dance club!