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Zoom Video Conference

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why zoom?

Zoom video conferencing is one of the most effective tools in my box. Video calls are the best way to make sure we've heard each other clearly. You can see me and I can see you.

Additional bonuses with Zoom are that we can record conversations for those "oh wait, what did she say?" moments. Plus, I'm free from note-taking and can focus my full attention on you.

how to zoom?

  • install Zoom on your phone or computer


  • install nothing and join from your browser


Once we've agreed on a virtual meeting date, please click the button up top to open Zoom. I'll be with you online at the agreed upon date and time.

can you walk me through it?

I know all that Zoom stuff was a lot to take in. Don't worry, I'll send you an email/text reminder with the login info. All you have to do is click "confirm". :)